A strong friendship doesn’t need daily conversation or being together. As long as the relationship lives in the heart, true friends never part.

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When I get lonely these days, I think: So BE lonely. Learn your way around loneliness. Make a map of it. Sit with it, for once in your life. Welcome to the human experience. But never again use another person’s body or emotions as a scratching post for your own unfulfilled yearnings. Elizabeth Gilbert, Eat, Pray, Love (via observando)

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Look after my heart - I’ve left it with you. Stephenie MeyerEclipse (via feellng)
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The soul of an artist cannot be muted indefinitely. It must either be expressed or it will consume the host. Gerard de Marigny, Rise to the Call (via quotes-shape-us)
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I am so in love with you that there isn’t anything else.

Ernest Hemingway, A Farewell to Arms

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When someone is crying, of course, the noble thing to do is to comfort them. But if someone is trying to hide their tears, it may also be noble to pretend you do not notice them. Lemony SnicketHorseradish (via feellng)
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